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Personal Wiki

Jotminder is a simple to use personal wiki; a secure online notepad for private notes, images and other attachments.

Jotminder also lets you share, and because you're always in full control, you can share the right stuff with the right people instead of everything with everyone.

With its powerful text processing AI, Jotminder makes managing and retrieving notes simple.


  • It's all free & very easy to use
  • Works on mobile phones, tablets, desktops - anything with a browser
  • Access notes anywhere, anytime
  • No app to install for mobile - use your phone's browser
  • You're in control - stuff is safe & remains yours
  • Great for secure group & team collaboration
  • Encrypt text for bomb proof security
  • You're never 'locked in' to Jotminder
  • Keep control - don't share everything with everyone
  • Add pazazz with text formatting & links between pages
  • QR codes for fast access on mobile devices
  • Optional RSS feeds

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